Social media marketing

When you hear about social media marketing , your fastest associations are probably Facebook. This is not a coincidence at all, given that this network still holds the championship in popularity in Bulgaria. Instagram, which also offers interesting marketing solutions, strengthens its stable position. Thanks to social networks, you can engage your audience and interact… Continue reading Social media marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Over the years, search engine optimization has become an essential element of digital marketing. It is undergoing serious development and today, in order for a site to be well optimized, it must be as convenient and useful as possible, especially for users . And the more successfully this condition is met, the more satisfied the… Continue reading Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Psychology for online

Online marketing is the art of building relationships with someone you don’t see. In order to succeed, you must have some knowledge of psychology. The problem is that traditional consumer psychology does not take into account the specifics of online relationships. It is based on the idea of offline business. This is where the objection… Continue reading Psychology for online


We present you Georgi Kolev – one of the successful graduates of the Company Digital program . We leave Georgi to introduce himself to us in a few words: ” I am one of the graduates of the digital program of Company . I have mostly commercial background and I have dealt with both B2B… Continue reading WHEN SALES AND DIGITAL MARKETING GO HAND IN HAND WITH SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS

New Tools For Seo

SEO SITE CHECKUP SEO Site Checkup  is an online tool through which anyone can generate a comprehensive report on the status of their website. As it is easy enough to operate and offers high quality diagnostics, this tool provides the opportunity for each user to see their page through the eyes of search engines. The… Continue reading New Tools For Seo


We call digital marketing the communication of products and services, through digital technologies , over the Internet. Its rapid development began in the 90s of the twentieth century, radically changing the way companies and various brands use marketing methods, and hence – the marketing itself. With the powerful penetration of technology at every level in… Continue reading WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING AND WHAT ARE THE MAIN DIRECTIONS IN IT?

Most Useable SEO Tools 2022

KEYWORDTOOL.IO As a free alternative to Google Keyword Planner,  will give you the ability to find the most searched keywords and phrases in a certain niche or among a certain user group. Keyword planning is a fundamental part of  SEO optimization , as all follow-up activities are based on this research.   SERPSTAT Serpstat… Continue reading Most Useable SEO Tools 2022

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What is digital marketing and is it for everyone

What is digital marketing? Not that this is important, but behind the term “digital marketing” there is a slight confusion. If you type “What is digital marketing?” Into Google, the result of №1 will be Wikipedia , which says: “Digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses digital advertising channels for communication to distribute… Continue reading What is digital marketing and is it for everyone

Is online marketing for everyone?

What most often deprives people of digital marketing is the association with something technical that requires special skills.   In fact, the technical side of online marketing is not the real problem. The platforms, applications and tools used in digital marketing are so intuitive and user friendly that literally anyone can learn to work with… Continue reading Is online marketing for everyone?